Drug Test Compliance

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Encompass-Risk-Shield-BrochureCompliance Through Technology

Let’s face it…companies performing drug and alcohol testing are concerned about issues related to compliance. Mandatory state laws, state marijuana laws, ADA and OSHA violations, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment claims are all topics keeping program managers awake at night. Few companies have the time to keep up with ongoing drug testing industry changes. They need an expert whose sole business is to stay current with these issues.

So where do you find an expert? Law firms can assist with policy development but generally do not send out updates on industry changes. “Old school” consulting firms can be engaged for high hourly fees. Or an employer can partner with Encompass Compliance Corporation. Our sole business is mitigating compliance risk for our clients. We do that at a very reasonable monthly fee through our technology-driven Encompass Risk Shield program, the most advanced system of its kind. The Risk Shield consists of the following:

Shield 1 – Policy Development

Many companies do not have a drug and alcohol testing policy or their policy is outdated. The Encompass Policy Development program gives a company the framework to create a core legal document which accounts for all applicable state and federal laws (statutes, regulations and court/agency decisions). Literally in minutes, your company can create a core compliant policy.

Shield 2 – The Resource Center

Risk Shield Resource Center
Given the changing landscape of laws that impact drug and alcohol testing programs, an employer needs instant access to key information. The Encompass Resource Center has the nation’s largest online database and information center related to the drug & alcohol testing industry:

Shield 3 – Real Time Monitoring

Encompass has developed the first web-based instant compliance “audit” in the industry. Employers simply log onto our site and input information regarding the specifics of the test being ordered. The Real Time Monitoring system reviews the order to make sure it’s in compliance with state & federal rules and agency rulings.

There are three simple data points required: The state of employee residence (or employment), the method of test being ordered, and the reason for the test. Once the information is submitted, an instant audit occurs. If a “green light” message appears, the order is compliant. If a red “Alert” warning appears, users are alerted to important compliance related information (with a link to the appropriate regulatory information). At that point the employer can take appropriate action to make the appropriate changes from a compliance perspective. A “blue light” indicates there is information about state-specific policies and procedures related to the order details.

In summary, we believe every company conducting drug testing wants to be in compliance and Encompass offers the most technologically-advanced, cost-effective solution in the nation.

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